Monday, July 8, 2013

Liebster Award: Discovering New Blogs

 I have been on vacation for the last few days at Niagara Falls in Ontario, Canada...which means I did not have access to my phone or internet! As soon as I crossed the border back into the US today I checked my e-mail and I was so surprised and excited to see that Erin at The Short and Sassy Teacher had nominated me for the Liebster Award! Thank you so much Erin! I was so nervous about starting a teaching blog and I am SO glad I did. I have only been blogging for a few weeks but I am hooked! I feel so blessed to be becoming a part of this amazing teaching blog community.
Here are the "rules" for accepting this nomination:

1. Link back to the blog that nominated me
2. Nominate 5-11 blogs with fewer than 200 followers
3. Answer the questions posted for you by your nominator
4. Share 11 random facts about yourself
5. Create 11 questions for your nominees
6. Contact your nominees and let them know you nominated them
Here are the blogs that I nominated:
1. Veronica at Teaching With Giggles
3. Wendy at Read With Me ABC
5. Sarah at A Rocky Top Teacher
Here are the questions that Erin asked me:
1. What is YOUR favorite subject to teach? Definitely writing. It is something that I am passionate about doing so I want to instill that it my students. Plus I LOVE reading their adorable writitngs!

2. What is your favorite book to read to your class? I LOVE reading the Mo Willems pigeon and elephant books to my kids. We all just laugh and laugh and laugh. Hilarious.

3. What is the one thing in your classroom you could not live without? Sharpies. Somehow I find a reason to use one every single day.

4. Coke or Pepsi?? 100% no hesitation coke! Diet coke that is :)

5. What is the last thing you purchased? I guess technically that would be dinner at Chick-fil-a...but that is not exciting. The last thing I purchased before I went on my vacation to Niagara Falls was a teacher planner from TPT!

6. What is your favorite memory from the summer of 2013 so far? So far my favorite memory is going to Niagara Falls with my family.

7. What are you most looking forward to this next school year? Implementing Math Their Way. My whole team went to a training on it this summer and we can't wait to get started!

8. If you could have a shopping spree at any store, where would you go? Loft! I just discovered it recently and I can't get enough!

9. What is the food you most often crave? Easy...chocolate! Chocolate anything really....chocolate candies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate cake, brownies, chocolate covered strawberries....I could keep going but I'll stop there. 

10. Where is your ideal vacation spot? Well I don't have one particular spot...But my ideal vacation is a cruise! Can't wait for my cruise coming up in August!

11. What are some of your favorite blogs you look forward to reading? Well there are SO many but to name a few favorites: Miss Kindergarten , Tori's Teacher Tips , Little Miss Kindergarten , A Cupcake for the Teacher , and First Grade Blue Skies . But again....that's just naming a few!
11 Facts About Myself:
1. I'll start with the obvious: I love frogs! Yes, even real ones.
2. I am married to my best friend, Steve <3
3. I have 2 dogs (babies...same thing right?)A pug named Macy and a chocolate lab named Abe.
4. I LOVE country music.
5. To go along with the previous fact, I love wearing cowboy boots.
6. I am originally from Memphis, Tennessee which might explain the last 2 facts!
7. I am a VERY picky eater.
8. I have 2 older brothers.
9. Diet Coke is my coffee!
10. I love to paint and draw, I was even an art major before I did education.
11. I change my purse daily to match my outfit!
Questions For My Nominees:
1. What advice would you give a first year teacher?
2. What is your favorite book to read aloud to your class?
3. Tell me about a memorable student that you taught.
4.Tell me about your pets.
5. What is the one thing in your classroom you can't live without?
6. What movie title would you pick as your life story? 
7. What is the last thing you purchased?
8. What is your favorite music?
9. If you had to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
10. Why did you decide to start a blog?
11. What are some of your favorite blogs you follow?


  1. Thank you Tess for thinking of my blog. I'm so excited to be nominated...YAY!

    Julie :-)
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. I haven't even been blogging for 2 weeks and I got nominated? Thank you so much Tess!!! Teaching with Giggles

  3. Hi# i just found your blog! It is exciting to find other Virginia Bloggers! I am your newest follower!

    Karmens Kinders

    1. Hi Karmen! Thanks for following me, now I'm your newest follower. I too love finding other Virginia bloggers! What part of Virginia do you live in?

  4. Hi Tess,

    Thank you for nominating me. You're so sweet! My post is up...come take a peek!

    Read With Me ABC