Thursday, June 20, 2013

Books I Love

I absolutely love children's books! It is impossible for me to go to a bookstore and leave empty handed! I am always on the lookout for a great new read aloud. One of my favorite things about teaching is doing read alouds. It is one of the best ways to ignite a passion for reading in young students. My philosophy is if they can see how much I love reading, it will rub off on them!

Amos and Boris by William Steig- This is my all-time FAVORITE children's book. It is a heart-warming story about an unlikely, yet true friendship between a whale and a mouse. It starts off with Amos, the mouse, building a boat and setting sail only to fall off the boat in the middle of the night. That's when he meets Boris, the whale. Boris rescued him and offered to take him back to land. During their voyage, their friendship blooms and grows. But a mouse and a whale cannot be best friends forever, at some point they must say goodbye...

See this and more of my favorite books on my "Books I Love" page!

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