Monday, June 24, 2013

Picture Book Linky: Picture Books for the First Week of School

 I was so excited to find this Linky Party hosted by Deanne at First Grade and Fabulous! As I mentioned in my previous post, picture books are one of my favorite things ever! I am constantly on the look-out for more great read alouds. I especially love books to read at the beginning of the year. They are a great way to explain rules and get them comfortable and excited about school. Here are my favorite read alouds for the beginning of the year:
This is a wonderful book about how children "bloom" at different times. I read this at Back to School Night to all my parents. I think it's a wonderful way to start the year!

This is always the first book I read to my new little Kinders. It is wonderful because they can really relate to it! They love telling me what they did the night before Kindergarten!

This is another classic that I have to read at the beginning of every year! My kids get really into the whole series of Miss Bindergarten!
This is one of my all time favorite books to read at the beginning of the year. I have several activities
to go along with this book as well.
In my class, I do Star of the Week. The first week of school, I am the Star. I  read both of these books to help them get to know me as well as to show them how the Star Student week works. I read Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon because I LOVE the message of this book. I am a very small person, but that never stopped me from doing what I want to do and being proud of it :) I also read It's Duffy Time because I have a pug (my baby!)
 What are your favorite back to school picture books?


  1. OHH I love Stand Tall Molly Lou Melon!! :) Great book!! I will have to check out the Duffy book. Looks cute! :) Thanks for linking up!

    First Grade and Fabulous

  2. Thanks for hosting it DeAnne! It was my first Linky so I was hoping I did it right!